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May 2008 - Press Release

May 2008


Mark L. Krotulski CHA
Director of Education
PA Tourism & Lodging Association
128 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 232-8880 X102

Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association Announces Jermaine Brunson, of The Hilton Inn at Penn, Philadelphia, as a Finalist of the Spirit of Hospitality Award.

The PA Tourism & Lodging Association held its Annual Spirit of Hospitality Awards Reception on April 28, 2008, at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg East. These prestigious awards recognize outstanding performance, commitment, and achievements in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The event featured the Vivace String Quartet and an outstanding selection of fine Hors D’Oeuvres prepared by the extraordinary culinary staff of the Holiday Inn. The presentations were made by; J. Mickey Rowley, Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Tourism Office and James Purdum, CHA, General Manager, Hospitality Services, The Pennsylvania State University and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, PA Tourism & Lodging Association.

The Association is pleased to announce Jermaine Brunson, of The Hilton Inn at Penn, Philadelphia as a finalist of the Spirit of Hospitality Award in the 2008 Lodging Employee of the Year Category. This award provides properties an opportunity to recognize exemplary performance and exceptional service by an employee in a non-management position. Nominees are judged on performance that goes above and beyond normal job responsibilities, outstanding and exemplary service to the property, to the guests and to the community.

Jermaine Brunson is a Steward for the Hilton Inn at Penn, Philadelphia. Jermaine is a prime example of taking an opportunity and turning it into a path for success. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and came to his job with a record, having been convicted of a crime he committed when he was younger. Proving he has learned from his mistakes, he has gone on to win praise and positive feedback from everyone who knows him at the inn. While he may not have face-to-face time with guests, they still reap the rewards of his hard work, from a clean kitchen to fully stocked restaurant supplies and service of a quality product.

He also consistently volunteers to help other departments and has been named Employee of the Month each year that he’s been employed by the Inn. In 2005, he was the Inn’s Employee of the Year.

Knowing how important opportunity is to at-risk youth, he currently mentors young people from his neighborhood, coaching basketball three nights a week and treating them to bowling or video games. Through his hard work and determination to turn his life around, Jermaine is a positive role model for everyone.