Event spa services

Making events relaxing

Infuse a little wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation into your next meeting, tradeshow or corporate event with our Event Spa Services at The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel, in Philadelphia.

Our Services

Convention Tension Chair Massage

10–20 mins

More than mere chair massage, unwind in a comfortable, ergonomic chair while the stress melts away. Our treatment is designed to dissolve the cricks and pains from cradling telephones and craning to see computer screens.

Blackberry Thumb Massage

5-10 mins

Hand reflexology, stretches and forearm massage are blended to fight the Texting Thumb twinges that afflict PDA addicts.

Calm Mind Ritual

5-15 mins

Our rejuvenating treat incorporates expanding and soothing essences of Lavender and Peppermint to help relieve headache tension and stress while your temples and scalp are gently massaged.

Foot Relfexology Massage

10-20 mins

A true treat for tired feet! Recline in a comfortable chaise lounge while our therapist brings rejuvenation to the entire body through massaging and applying pressure to the feet and toes with expert technique.

For more information

Contact your on-site Conference Professional for pricing and scheduling of your Event and Conference Spa Services.